I've worked with 2 other marketing firms and happy I moved my business to GS National.  I really appreciate that I can call and get somebody on the phone to talk with.  I'm learning Transcend (now Propelicy), and it's already helping me to manage my team of agents.  I also like the revenue sharing concept too! Thanks again for the support.

David S.


When I met with Steve from GS, my intention was to just rule them out as an option to my current brokerage.  After just a few minutes I realized that this guy really understood not only the industry as a whole, but also exactly what an agent in the field experiences.  The specific marketing dollars offered for each sale really pushed me over the edge.  Now that we have our first open enrollment under our belt, and I’ve experienced Geno’s care, I’m hooked on GS National.

Mark D.


I’m so happy with the relationship I’ve built with GS National. Their Agency support is second to none. Easily the best FMO I have ever partnered with.

Roger B.


When first approached by GS National, I was very skeptical, as most companies promise you the world while trying to recruit then seem to disappear once you sign the contract. While still considering making the change, I had a medical emergency. Not yet having made a final decision to switch to GS National, I received a "Get Well Soon" email for Steve, Tonya & the GS Family. That spoke volumes that if they are going to take the time to send me a "Get Well Soon" email, while not even associated with them, then they are here to build a relationship, not just be another number. Since joining, they have gone above and beyond with helping me build my company, with both financial and support needs. They have always been there with an answer or work on getting me one right away. I could not be happier with the decision of joining GS National and highly recommend to anyone who's on the fence to join. You will not be disappointed.

Christian H.


I have over 20 years experience as an independent agent. The level of service and professionalism I've received from Geno and the other experienced professionals at GS National is unparalleled. They offer hands on service to make sure my clients' needs are met, while delivering great back end support.

Michael O.


GSNI has been everything they have ever said they would be. If I have a question or situation that I am not fully comfortable with, I know I can call GSNI, talk to a person, and if I don’t get an answer right away, they will get an answer. They have allowed me to streamline my business and have freed me to do what I do best… Sell!

Jim S.


I have been in Financial Services for 16 years and thought I had all the bases covered. Then I was introduced to GSNI and found that I didn’t. Thanks to their knowledge and training, I have captured more wallet share and have far better relationships with my clients than ever before.

Brian D.


I have been in the Insurance Business for over 20 years. I decided to make a change and Found Gateway Strategies. I chose GSNI for the Marketing Support, vision of the future, & Honesty/transparency. Since I have been here my income has grown and continues to grow reaching new heights. This was the best move I have made in my career.

Rob E.


Unparalleled Support, Service and Products. I was in the Pizza business before making a change and without GS, my business and life wouldn’t be where it is today.

Michael L.


My agency has been working with GS national since 2012 and have found them to be one of the best out there. They have provided excellent support, great personal relationships with key people in contracting and commissions, and most importantly we have found they listen to what we need and help us be more efficient in our business. This industry has a great deal of choices available when it comes to contracts, but you will have to look very hard to find another as honest and trustworthy as GS National.

Jake M


I retired from the Pennsylvania State Police in 2001. In 2009, I began working with GS National Insurance in the Medicare Supplemental/Medicare Advantage Plan Market. My goal was to work part-time, set my own hours and supplement my retirement with a few extra dollars. With GS National’s support and guidance, I am making four times my retirement and still consider it “part-time” with the exception of AEP. I owe my success to GS National, Brian Breisinger, and his support team.

Jeffrey R.


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