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Developed by Advisors for Advisors, GS National Insurance is an independently owned insurance marketing organization. We specialize with helping independent advisors increase their Health, Life and Annuity Business. Our primary focus is the senior health insurance marketplace. We combine technology and experience to deliver high quality service and support.

As represented in the icon of our logo, GS National acts as a bridge to help agencies and agents cross over the turbulent waters and achieve success faster.

Why GS National?

With roughly 10,000 people turning 65 every day, GS National’s mission is to provide superior service and support to our partner agencies and agents that work in the mature marketplace. Our firm is unique, in that, we can clearly define who we are and what we represent to our distribution channel. We utilize a “3 pillar” approach to working with our agents: Simple, Transparent, Recognition. This is the backbone of GS National.

We provide a simple relationship to the distribution channel. Knowing this is a partnership, we provide one point of contact to our firm. Every agency or agent has access to a relations manager to help guide our partners through onboarding and production. This alleviates confusion trying to find the proper department for answers.

Our firm is transparent. This is unique in the industry. We disclose financials when contracting with our distribution. We feel strongly that a successful partnership results when both parties are open and transparent. GS National’s success depends solely on the productive agency or agent. When we reach that position, our firm wants to give back to our partners.

The 3rd pillar is recognition. Our firm feels strongly on giving back to the productive agency or agent. Thus, we’ve launched our ground-breaking web application Transcend to help track, manage, and reward the business that’s written. This helps both parties to develop strategic marketing plans to help our partners grow and prosper.

A simple and effective relationship.

GS National. A different path.

GS National is different
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