I contracted with GS National but I can't see anything in Propelicy

To gain full access to Propelicy as a contracted agent with GS National takes 24-48 hours.  We want to make sure we have all of the correct, and valid information before moving our agents into Propelicy to start utilizing our application.

How do I register for Propelicy?

  1. To register for Propelicy, you can click the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of our website.
  2. This will open the Propelicy login page. Click "Sign Up Here".
  3. You will then be able to fill out the required information to create your account.  
  4. After creating your account, you will be emailed a link to set your password.  
  5. Once you have created a password, you will then login to your account and begin your contracting process.

How do gain access to Propelicy?

Those looking to gain access to Propelicy is simple!  Those looking to contract with GS National will have to register for Propelicy by clicking "Sign Up" in the top right hand corner of our website!

What is Propelicy?

Propelicy is GS Nationals very own Revenue Sharing application that we have developed by advisors, for advisors.  Propelicy helps you track your book of business, your marketing dollars, and helps you elevate your business.  It's an "all-in-one" solution tool to the biggest issues that agents face in the Medicare industry and continues to grow! You can learn more here at the Propelicy website.

How do I update my contact information to ensure commissions are paid in an accurate and timely manner?

Why was I charged back when the member still appears to be active?

  • Sometimes, after paying out the Renewal amount on a policy, the carrier receives the CMS report detailing that the policy is actually an Initial policy. In this instance, we will charge back any payments already made and will pay out the correct full Initial amount.
  • Occasionally the member may miss, forget, or simply pay their monthly premium late. When this happens, you will receive a chargeback and the member will remain active.

When will I get paid on the policies I wrote?

  • Payment will typically occur at the end of the month of the policy effective date, for MAPD business.
  • Payment for Medicare Supplement policies will typically occur within a month of the policy written date.
  • Our commission page has additional payment schedule information for carriers.

How can I access my 1099?

  • Log in to our Commissions Portal
  • Click on your Agent ID (this will be a hyperlink)
  • At the top you will see 5 different tabs -- click the one that says "eDocs"
  • Here you will see your 1099 forms as pdf docs and will be able to download and save

What determines a Pro-Rated vs. Initial Payment?

  • Anyone completely new to Medicare is a full-year Initial payment.
  • For "like" plan changes, those are prorated based on the Renewal/Replacement commission amount. When it comes to "unlike" plan changes (such as someone switching from a PDP plan), it's a prorated Initial payment.
  • Per CMS regulations, commission payments for each Initial Year enrollment are prorated based upon the member’s effective date if the member changes from an "unlike" plan (e.g., MA-PD to PDP or PDP to Cost Plan).
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