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Agent Program

At GS National, we welcome the addition of new relationships. As with any business, we want to grow with like-minded agents who understand our business model and find value. GS National is offering an incentive for agent referrals. If an agent is referred to our organization and contracts with a minimum of 2 carriers, then we will credit the referring agent $500. Referral fee will not be paid to agencies who receive an override on the referred agent's business. No strings attached. Simple.

PDP Program

GS National is different. We have a staff of licensed representatives on hand to assist our agents, not replace them. Many agents are busy and keeping up with training and certifications for prescription drug plans can be difficult. We can help. Instead of referring clients to carriers than can cross sell your clients, we offer a referral program to help your clients choose the proper drug plan and compensate you in return. We accomplish this in 5 easy steps:

  1. We reach out the customer on your behalf and gather their medications.
  2. We will work with your customer and utilize Sunfire to find a customizable plan for them.
  3. Enroll the customer into the proper dug plan.
  4. Follow up with them after they receive their drug card to answer any additional questions.
  5. Pay the referring agent $10 per application.

Our goal is to keep our agents selling. Simple.

GS National is different
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