By clicking the GSNI Commissions link below you will be forwarded to our Commissions portal.




1.) Agency Login:
User ID: Agency’s NPN or Agency’s Principle’s NPN followed by a “-A”
Password: First letter of Agency’s name (lowercase) omit “the” followed by the last four digits of their tax ID#
Example: The Smith Agency, NPN:3221234 Tax ID: 17-6121234
User ID: 3221234-A
Password: s1234

2.) Agent Login:
User ID: Agent’s NPN number.
Password: First letter of agent’s first name (lower case) followed by the last four digits of their tax id #
Example: Joe Smith, NPN: 3221234, Tax ID: 176-12-1234
User ID: 3221234
Password: j1234

3.) Profile:
Please check your profile to ensure the information we have on file for you is accurate. If a change needs to be made, then please contact our commissions department at [email protected]

4.) Statements:
The statement tab will display any commission payments due. All payments are set up to be paid by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). GS National prides itself on paying out in a timely manner. Our goal is to have all payments out to the agent/agency within 7 business days of receiving payment from the carrier.

5.) Questions:
For any further questions regarding commissions, please direct emails to [email protected] or contact us direct at (412) 921-6900

Unfortunately, with the new CMS ruling, agent commission will not be released until after the member’s effective date. This doesn’t pertain to the general agency administrative fees.