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Developed by Advisors for Advisors, Gateway Strategies National Insurance (GSNI) is an independently owned insurance marketing organization, focusing on helping independent advisors increase their Health, Life and Annuity Business. We strive to know and understand an advisors situation and provide them with only the highest quality comprehensive service and support coupled with excellent, and often unique, products.


With 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 16 years, are you in position to ride the Baby Boomer wave or are you going to get wiped-out?

GSNI is a full service, Senior Financial Marketing Organization, that partners with Agents/Agencies that work with today’s Mature Market.

We provide our partners with solutions that protect their clients from their health to their wealth. Our goals with our partners are to:
    1. Increase Revenue.
    2. Decrease Costs.
    3. Make it Easier to Conduct Business.

Medicare being one of our main markets, when you compare us to the National FMO’s out there, the analogy we like to use is that our group is the Special Forces to their Army. We write the same amount or more business with our featured partnerships with far fewer agents because we only work with the best.

Yes, we do offer the same carriers the "Big Boys" offer like UnitedHealth Care, Aetna/Coventry, Humana and Anthem, but we have carved out a market that most feel isn't worth their while. We work with smaller provider owned plans and smaller specialized plans. The plans are usually regional from a state perspective, not a national perspective. We have found the provider owned plans are sticky with your clients because of the brand recognition, reputation, and clients are already using the facilities and doctors. The smaller specialized plans have product offerings that many of the national companies don’t have in the regions we work.

We have acquired a substantial array of knowledge and sales concepts that can be taken to market, all the while, giving you the same national carriers, along with access to the specialized plans that may be exclusive to your area. So, if you are looking for a new home to place business, whether your specialization is Medicare, Life, or Annuities, we’ve got a solution for you to protect your clients from their Health to their Wealth.

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